Support Group

There is a private support group based in America which has been established for people world-wide who are interested in discussing Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS).  Topics of discussion include treatments, nutrition, coping with MdDS and other issues that affect MdDS sufferers and their families.

This group is for the sole purpose of discussing Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and related issues. Bulk emails and spam will not be tolerated and persons posting such items will be banned from the group. Members of this group are not permitted to give out member addresses to third parties under any circumstances.

To join please click on the image below:


A new and revised (2018) brochure is also available by request to

Sadly there isn’t a dedicated UK support group as such, so please consider joining the international one run by the American MdDS Foundation. Alternatively check out their Facebook page which can also be accessed by clicking the above link.

If you wish to contact the UK MdDS for help/advice/support/questions or simply want to get in touch then please complete the on-line form on this website.

Additionally a list, albeit limited, is available of specialists in the UK who recognise and can therefore diagnose MdDS. Please contact us for further details.